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Micro-Tronics’ Certifications Reflect Our Deep Commitment to Quality

Micro-Tronics’ Certifications Reflect Our Deep Commitment to Quality

Some precision manufacturers consider earning certifications a nuisance—just another task to be crossed off a checklist so they can continue doing business. But at Micro-Tronics, our certifications are never simply a means to an end. 

We’ve built our business by prioritizing manufacturing processes and quality controls that ensure superior parts for our customers—and we live and breathe the standards demanded by our certifications every day. 

Micro-Tronics’ Certifications 

Here are the core certifications we maintain at Micro-Tronics:

AS9100 Rev D with ISO 9001:2015


AS9100 certification is the top quality management standard for the aerospace, space, and defense industries. It incorporates all of the ISO 9001 requirements for quality and safety that are standard for all precision manufacturers while adding quality and risk management criteria specific to aerospace, space, and defense. 

Most aerospace manufacturers and suppliers require that the precision machine shops they work with are AS9100 certified. But truthfully, customers across industries benefit from a shop’s adherence to such rigorous standards. 

Nadcap: Elastomer Seals and Nonconventional Machining (EDM)

The National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (Nadcap) grants certifications for manufacturing processes. Our certifications in elastomer products and nonconventional machining (EDM services) demonstrate that we have attained the highest degree of capability in these processes. 

A requirement for all Boeing suppliers and many other aerospace contractors, Nadcap certification conveys to our customers that we are among the industry’s top providers of elastomer products and EDM services.

In fact, during our last few audits, we were awarded merit status for both processes, meaning the audits revealed no findings. Merit status is an extremely rare designation, especially for two audits conducted simultaneously. 

Proving Our Commitment to Quality 

Our certifications indicate to customers that we are pre-verified, which prevents them from having to conduct their own audits before working with us. 

Pre-verification not only saves customers valuable time in the manufacturing process but also assures them that they are hiring a reliable manufacturer of mission-critical parts. They can be confident that their parts will look good and perform well, meeting even the tightest tolerance specifications. 

One of our company’s leading mottos is: “Do what you say, and say what you do.” Our certifications are proof that we uphold that promise.

Maintaining Our Certifications

At Micro-Tronics, we implement the processes required for AS9100 and Nadcap certification for every part we manufacture—no matter the industry. We’ve seen firsthand the value of adhering to the strict guidelines outlined by each certification, so it only makes sense to observe those guidelines across the board. 

Certifications cannot be maintained with a once-a-year scramble toward compliance—nor should they be. We’re vigilant about following certification standards year-round, an initiative we support with mock audits that allow us to spot-check our processes on a weekly basis. To the untrained eye, our continuous self-assessment might even appear to be overkill. But we believe that being a precision manufacturer you can trust means going above and beyond at all times.

Our strict compliance with industry regulations is one of the secrets to our shop’s success, and our longstanding partnerships with customers speak to the extremely high standards to which we hold ourselves. We’ll never consider certification audits a burden. Instead, we’ll continue to view them as a welcome step in our continuous pursuit of excellence.

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