Building a Career and a Community at Micro-Tronics

At MTI, we’re not only interested in pleasing our customers with our spectacular range of elastomer products, CNC & EDM machining, and assembly – we’re committed to producing a rewarding work environment for our employees.

Joining the Micro-Tronics team makes you more than just a number; it makes you an essential member of our talented team. We offer unique benefits and foster a positive work environment to ensure MTI is a rewarding and fulfilling workplace.

Let’s walk through life at Micro-Tronics so you can see for yourself what makes us a desirable place to work.

Employee-Centric Culture

We consider ourselves an “employee-centric culture,” prioritizing the needs of our team. We currently have a 92% retention rate and an average tenure of 8.35 years. These impressive statistics show that our employees feel valued and appreciated, creating a sense of loyalty and dedication unparalleled in the industry.

Wellness Benefits

At MTI, we believe in creating a workplace that promotes health and wellness. Our clean, safe, organized facility offers a welcoming environment where employees can thrive. With an onsite gym and monthly wellness events, including workout classes and scheduled morning walks, we prioritize our team members’ physical and mental well-being.

What’s more, MTI is currently the only manufacturer in the state of Arizona with a healthy workplace certification. We go above and beyond to ensure our teams’ health and happiness, as demonstrated by our Healthy Arizona Worksites Program gold certification.

MTI Rewards

To encourage our team to participate in our enriching wellness program, we’ve developed a rewards program that awards points for partaking in wellness activities. Our people use the MTI Rewards platform to log their participation in health and wellness events (both in and outside of work). Accumulated points earn them gift cards to some of their favorite retailers and restaurants, adding a new level of value to MTI’s wellness program.

Engagement and Recognition


We believe in open communication and transparency, not just for our customers but also for our internal personnel. Our monthly town hall meetings, accompanied by company-sponsored breakfasts, provide team members with insight into company performance, goals, and updates regarding upcoming events.

These meetings also offer us the perfect opportunity to present our quarterly Founder’s Award. This peer-nominated award celebrates people who have gone above and beyond in living out our core values. Team members have responded resoundingly positively to this recognition program, as it offers them a greater purpose in their day-to-day and an opportunity to support and uplift their peers.

Work-Life Balance

At Micro-Tronics, we understand the importance of work-life balance. That’s why we offer a four-day workweek (Monday through Thursday) that allows our employees to enjoy more time for themselves and their families. For individuals looking to earn extra income, we also offer the option to work Fridays when available.

It’s vital that our employees take time off to unwind so they can return to work refreshed and rejuvenated. MTI team members also have access to a generous Paid Time Off package. New employees begin with one week of PTO, with additional time earned as the employees accumulate time at the company.


Micro-Tronics hosts various events to engage employees, such as:

Lunch and Learns

Team members can learn new skills in a collaborative, welcoming environment during our monthly Lunch and Learns. Our lessons range from healthy cooking classes to financial seminars on topics such as insurance that equip them with the knowledge they need to succeed in their everyday and economic lives.

Color for Cause

Every month, our people wear a color (or costume!) to bring awareness to a particular cause. It’s an excellent opportunity for our teams to unite to highlight a cause that matters to us. (Plus, those dressed up earn wellness points in their MTI Rewards account!)

Annual Founder’s Day Barbeque

Every November, MTI’s management team organizes a barbeque to celebrate our holiday, Founder’s Day. Founder’s Day is a day MTI honors and remembers its founders – John and Angie Marusiak who started the business in 1968. Everyone comes together over a delicious lunch of burgers, dogs, and all the fixings and spends quality time with their coworkers. Because some of our employees have collector cars, we even host a car show as part of the Founder’s Day festivities.

Professional Development

We’re committed to supporting our team members’ growth and development. That’s why we offer tuition reimbursement, training opportunities, and clear pathways for career advancement. It’s important to us to empower our people to reach their full potential and achieve their career goals.

Community Outreach

The Micro-Tronics team is actively involved in our community beyond the four walls of our shop. Our people participate in charity events, such as the Phoenix Heart Walk, to positively impact the world around us. We also host food/toy/water/back to school drives to support the economically disadvantaged in our local community.

At Micro-Tronics, we’re more than just a business; we’re a community where employees can thrive, grow, and make a difference. Join our team to experience our dynamic and welcoming workplace for yourself.