Why Choose a Single Shop for CNC Machining and EDM Services?

Many parts require a combination of CNC machining and EDM services, but only a handful of precision machine shops provide both capabilities. And among those that do offer EDM manufacturing, most offer only wire EDM.

At Micro-Tronics, we’re proud to specialize in CNC machining and a range of EDM services (wire, sinker, and small hole). Let’s explore the benefits of working with a shop like ours. 

Streamline Your Workflow

Whether you’re a precision machine shop that traditionally subcontracts EDM services or an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that outsources CNC machining and EDM, finding a shop that offers both services can optimize your workflow.

Precision machine shops

Often, precision machine shops perform CNC machining operations in-house and subcontract EDM services to a vendor like Micro-Tronics. Even shops that offer some basic wire EDM capabilities often need to outsource sinker or small hole EDM services. 

When shops outsource EDM work, they introduce more risk into the manufacturing process and inevitably take on project management responsibilities to ensure that their team and the EDM vendor’s team are in sync. 

Rather than machining the part in-house and sending it out for wire EDM services, consider finding an EDM vendor that also offers CNC machining services and having them perform both services for you. You’ll save valuable time and resources, freeing up capacity in your shop for parts requiring only CNC machining.


OEMs also benefit from working with a full-service manufacturing partner that offers CNC machining and wire EDM services. Often, OEMs subcontract parts requiring both processes to a CNC machining vendor that then sends those parts to a second shop for EDM manufacturing, resulting in an upcharge for the OEM. 

Subcontracting parts to a single shop equally skilled in both capabilities on the front end consolidates your supply chain for a more efficient and cost-effective workflow.

Achieve Superior-Quality Results

Partnering with one shop for CNC machining and EDM services not only streamlines manufacturing workflows but also ensures better-quality parts. 

Workflows that involve traditional CNC machining and EDM must be coordinated carefully to ensure optimal results. Complications can arise when one shop performs mill or lathe work without a comprehensive understanding of the EDM processes that will follow. 

For example, it is highly risky to attempt tight tolerance parts when using different vendors for the two processes. When you work with an engineering team with extensive knowledge in both areas, you can be confident that the two processes will complement, rather than compromise, one another and that all critical specifications will be met.

A shop with EDM and CNC machining expertise can also identify opportunities to optimize how the part is manufactured. For instance, in some cases it makes sense to create EDM features before CNC machining, an approach that only shops with both capabilities can accommodate. 

Choose Micro-Tronics for Precision from Start to Finish

When transitioning parts from traditional machining to EDM, many details can get lost in translation. EDM is simply less widely understood than CNC machining. Partnering with a team with dual expertise will ensure that your parts are in excellent hands throughout the manufacturing process. 

The engineering department at Micro-Tronics can seamlessly transition your parts from one process to the other to streamline your workflow, reduce risk, and deliver superior-quality parts. 

When you work with our one-stop shop, you can also expect shorter lead times, lower costs, and incredible consistency from one part to the next. 

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