Training and Experience: MTI will train

Licenses Required: Valid State Drivers License.

Position Summary: Drives truck with capacity under 3 tons to transport materials (in liquid or packaged form) and personnel to and from outside vendors and customers.  Promptly and efficiently ships and receives various items that flow through Micro‑Tronics, Inc.


·        Helps pack out‑going shipments for safe and secure passage.

·        Verifies load and count against shipping papers.

·        Verifies job paperwork to ensure we are picking up and dropping off correct jobs and materials.

·        Picks up and delivers parts and materials to various customers and vendors by driving MTI truck to destination, applying knowledge of commercial driving regulations and roads in area.

·        Maintains telephone and/or email contact with supervisor to receive delivery and pick up instructions as needed.

·        Loads and unloads MTI truck and helps unload any deliveries to Micro‑Tronics, Inc.

·        Maintains truck log (i.e. oil changes, checks of tires, lights, brakes, gas, etc. and other equipment and supplies.)

·        Operates forklift for loading and unloading.

·        Ability to work in a team environment and support the shipping and receiving department as a whole.

·        Must have clean driving record.

·        Must be able to lift boxes and trays of up to 50 lbs.

·        Ability to efficiently plan delivery/pick up routes.

·        Transport company personnel when needed.