EDM Operator I Summary

Position Summary

Set-up and operates EDM electrical discharge machines by applying knowledge of machine processes and methods for the production of metal parts.


Training and Experience Requirements

  • : Minimum 2 years work experience, trade school, vocational education, or apprenticeship required.

Licenses Required

  • N/A

Specific Job Functions

  • Basic comprehension of blueprints, sketches, drawings, manuals, and specifications to determine dimensions and tolerances of finished work piece.

  • Adheres to all EDM Department guidelines and quality requirements.

  • Measures dimensions and reference points on material or work piece by using a caliper, micrometer, or height gage.

  • Conducts basic set-up processes using fixtures and/or tooling with assistance.

  • Knowledgeable of basic machine controls and operation in order to keep on-going production.

  • Familiar with terms and vocabulary of the machining industry.

  • Responsible for reporting cycle time and part count.

  • Starts and observes machine operation to detect malfunctions.

  • Accurately and completely fills in job time cards (routers), operator inspection process sheets, set-up sheets and any other required documentation.

  • Attaches basic fixture to machine bed and positions and secures work piece in fixture according to set-up instructions with little or no assistance; using clamps, hardware and measuring instruments.

  • Turns controls to adjust machine settings, such as voltage, current, frequency and EDM feed rate, according to information on charts or knowledge of EDM electrical discharge machining processes.

  • Able to maintain machinery through required maintenance schedules.

Must have sufficient tools needed to perform job functions:

  • Test Indicator

  • Allen Wrench Sets (Standard and Metric)

  • 1”– 3” Micrometer

  • Safety Glasses

  • 6“ Caliper

  • Magnetic Base

  • 6” Rule

  • 12” Rule

  • Combination Square

  • Toolbox-rollaway