Mill Operator Trainee Summary

Prepare rubber compounds for use in compression molding according to router with supervision. Mills rubber into sheets to required thickness.

Training and Experience Requirements

  • 0 – 1 year minimum work experience

Licenses Required

  • N/A

Specific Job Functions

  • ·         Adheres to all Rubber department guidelines and quality requirements.

    ·         Conducts basic set-up processes using fixtures and/or tooling with assistance.

    ·         Knowledgeable of basic machine controls and operation in order to keep on-going production.

    ·         Starts and observes machine operation to detect malfunctions. Sets thickness according to router.

    ·         Accurately and completely fills in routers, operator inspection process sheets, set-up sheets and any other required documentation. 

    ·         Communicates with lead and supervisor to receive instructions and coordinate activities.

    ·         Cleans machines and work area to maintain a clean work environment.

    ·         Basic comprehension of blueprints, sketches, drawings, manuals, and specifications to determine dimensions and tolerances of finished work piece.

    ·         Measures dimensions and reference points on material or work piece by using a snap gage, micrometer, or height gage, calipers.

    ·         Conducts basic set-up processes using fixtures and/or tooling.

    ·         Familiar with terms and vocabulary of the machining industry.

    ·         Observes machine operations and by using snap gages examines products removed from machines to determine whether products meet specifications.

    ·         Turns pressure control knobs, handles, and levers to adjust machines.

    ·         Inspects and measures parts to maintain statistical process control chars.

    ·         Displays ability to handle tooling and presses.

    ·         Inspects finished part to identify wrinkles, over cured, strings, and other flaws.

    ·         Displays knowledge of all materials used in the Rubber Department.

    ·         Displays ability to handle tooling and presses with the utmost care and safety. Does not damage molds or parts.

    ·         Verifies that proper lot control is maintained and controlled on all parts.

    ·         Inspects raw material received from rubber compounds for cleanliness, proper durometer, and correct material certification.

    ·         Runs or adjusts mill to produce rubber compound per router and maintains and keeps clean internal components of extruder.

    ·         Records material type, MTI#, date and amount of chemicals on the outside of the material.

    ·         Inspects sheeted rubber for contamination and thickness.

    ·         Working knowledge of safety requirements for mills and extruders.

    ·         Maintains inventory.