Production Lead

Assists in training new operators, and coaching existing operators. Perform daily checks and/or audits to verify process compliance, product quality, and operational safety. Helps troubleshoot processes and oversee preventative maintenance schedules.

Training and Experience Requirements

  • 5 years minimum work experience in related field. Experience as Lead and/or Trainer, ability to read and interpret work orders and blueprints. MRP experience

Licenses Required

  • N/A

Specific Job Functions

 ·        Ensure operators understand and adhere to established production processes.

·        Ensure operators are performing job duties safely, and are maintaining a clean work area.

·        Assist operators troubleshoot, and solve quality and productivity difficulties.

·        Review production schedules and work orders with Division Coordinators and/or Supervisor, and assigns duties to workers according to job priorities.

·        Interpret specifications, blueprints, and work orders to employees, and assign operator duties.

·        Responsible for training employees to perform production tasks.

·        Manufacture product as necessary.

·        Embrace manufacturing process improvement methods, (i.e., 5S, Lean, etc.)

·        Maintain complete understanding of process control.      

·        Identify product defects, and direct operators to adjust machines to eliminate flaws and improve quality.

·        Insures operators are recording process data.

·        Verifies that Lot control is maintained, and that adequate supply of consumables are on hand, and properly labeled.