Purchasing Agent Summary

Oversee the ordering of materials, supplies, and equipment from vendors. Evaluate, select, and establish relationships with vendors, and negotiate contracts for goods and services. Approve purchases and track their progress to make sure orders are filled and delivered correctly.

Training and Experience Requirements

Proficient with Microsoft Office suite. Three years minimum work experience – preferably in manufacturing/assembly. In addition, the ideal candidate will have a minimum of 1 year experience in purchasing. Familiarity with special processing (anodize, heat treat, chem film, dry lube, passivation, etc) is a plus.

Specific Job Functions

·         ·        Coordinate material requirements with Scheduling, Production, Sales, and Marketing to support short and long term forecasting and prepare purchase orders accordingly

·        Research and evaluate suppliers based on price, quality, selection, service, support, availability, reliability, production and distribution capabilities and the supplier’s reputation and history

·        Analyze price proposals, financial reports, and other data and information to determine reasonable prices

·        Track vendor pricing (increases/decreases) for feedback to the customer contract team

·        Work with Accounts Payable to assess and approve invoices to ensure all issues are resolved within the allotted pay term period

·        Evaluate daily MRP (materials requirement plan) on an ERP system for assigned commodities to determine material supply needs and take the appropriate actions to meet those needs while keeping overall inventory investment at or below targets

·        Monitor shipments to ensure that goods come in on time, and in the event of a problem, trace shipments and follow up undelivered goods

·        Collaborate with Quality Assurance and Warehousing personnel to eliminate aged inventory and ensure inventory turnover goals are achieved as well as participate in the corrective action process for all defective or unacceptable goods.

·        Make recommendations & advise senior management on all purchasing issues

·        Formulate policies and procedures for bid proposals and procurement of goods and services

·        Implement new procedures with key vendors to improve relationships and foster growth and success between both the vendors and the organization

·        Work with the Receiving Department to ensure that all purchase orders are accurately received in a timely manner.

·        Tracks vendor delivery performance for purchased parts as well as outside processing