Programmer Summary

Create technical drawings, blueprints, and plans that are used to produce a variety of products.

Training and Experience Requirements

3 years minimum experience with CAD/CAM in the manufacturing industry. Knowledge of Solid Works and MasterCam.

Specific Job Functions

·         Able to produce blueprints from solid models.

·         Produce blueprints for various tooling/fixtures to support production floor.

·         Layout views to provide locations, pick-up points for machine operators.

·         Design molds for Rubber department and create blueprints for manufacturing.

·         Create programs from geometry files to run Wire, lathes and mills.

·         Provide professional layouts of blueprints, geometry, M.O.T’s etc.

·         Able to update and organize files to current revision levels.

·         Able to work with all departments and provide required supporting documents.