Elastomer Products

Elastomer Products

MTI is a highly regarded precision rubber manufacturer. Our capabilities include:

Cloth Reinforced Diaphragms

Fully qualified compounds regulated by industry and customer specifications, validated by in-house testing and independent fully certified laboratories.

Rubber-to-Metal Bonded Seals

This includes metal components with a seal bead such as seal plates and butterfly valves. We can also mold products that are either fully or partially encapsulated. Examples include vibration isolators and gaskets.

Solid Rubber Components

MTI also molds solid elastomer products such as bumpers, tubes, boots, and caps.

For more detailed information on this process please view our capabilities document:


  • 30 Ton – 400 Ton
  • Vacuum Press
  • Rubber To Metal
  • Multi-Cavity Tools
  • In-House Tooling Capability
  • Die Cutting
  • Post-Cure

Standard Compounds

  • Silicone (low and high temperature)
  • Fluorosilicone
  • Fluorocarbon (Viton ®)
  • Neoprene
  • Buna N
  • EPDM
  • Kapton