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Electrical discharge machining (EDM) uses an electrical discharge between two electrodes to remove material from a workpiece. The substrate material of the workpiece must be electrically conductive so it may serve as one of the electrodes through which the current passes. The method is particularly useful for extremely hard metals that are difficult to machine using other methods.

For more than five decades, Micro-Tronics, Inc. has been a premier provider of precision-manufactured mechanical assemblies, solid rubber components, and cloth-reinforced diaphragms for customers across every industry. Our dedicated team of experts provides an array of engineering and fabrication services, always delivering superior quality components and products at competitive prices. Our EDM capabilities are second-to-none and we provide the utmost speed and accuracy using our state-of-the-art technology.

What is EDM Machining?

Electrical discharge machining creates an electrical current between the conductive workpiece and an electrically charged rod or wire composed of a brass, copper, graphite, or tungsten alloy. The spark created by the electrical current slowly erodes the material while waste material gets washed away by non-conductive fluid, such as deionized water or oil.

With EDM, manufacturers can create extremely fine and accurate details with highly polished finishes. This makes EDM ideal for the fabrication of precision dies and manufacturing molds. Since dies and molds must be able to withstand repeated use, high temperatures, and extreme pressure, they are typically manufactured from tool steel or other very hard materials. These materials are difficult to cut or machine using traditional machining methods. They will often cause significant wear on mills and cutters while yielding low-accuracy results and rough finishes.

The EDM manufacturing process uses an electrical current, so there is no tooling wear. Components can be cut cleanly with exceptional accuracy measured in microns and a smooth surface finish. In addition to its use with precision manufacturing components and hard metals, EDM machining is ideal for drilling accurate holes and shapes into a variety of substrates.

EDM Machining Process

The EDM machining process is relatively straightforward. The conductive substrate material, or anode, is situated with an electrically conductive tool, or cathode, to create an electric current between them. It is important to note that these electrodes never actually touch, and the electrical current that flows between them cuts and shapes the substrate. Both electrodes are submerged in a dielectric fluid that flows between them, facilitates control of electrical current, and removes the excess material eliminated by the EDM process.

In order to meet the needs of a variety of applications, numerous EDM machining methods have been developed to create extremely accurate components. Wire EDM and fast hole EDM are two of the most commonly used techniques.

  • Wire EDM. Wire EDM uses a spool of brass or copper wire that is continuously unwound as the wire moves alongside the substrate, generating sparks that cut through the entire workpiece. This method provides highly accurate, smooth cuts through the substrate, and is ideal for use with complex geometries and precision components. It is important to note that Wire EDM can only be used to cut through a full workpiece.
  • Fast Hole EDM. Fast hole EDM, also known as sinker or plunge EDM, is specifically engineered to drill precision holes with the utmost speed and accuracy. This method uses a ram or plunger composed of conductive material such as copper, brass, tungsten, or graphite. While wire EDM requires drilling a hole into the substrate to incorporate the wire, fast hole EDM can drill holes of varying depths with an exceptional degree of accuracy. Fast hole EDM is often used to create components for aerospace, manufacturing, medical, energy, automotive, and military and defense applications.

Superior EDM Services by Micro-Tronics, Inc.

At Micro-Tronics, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality EDM services across industries such as aerospace, medical, industrial, automotive, and more. With more than 50 years of experience, we have the knowledge and equipment necessary to ensure that you receive exceptionally precise components quickly and within your budget. To learn more about our extensive selection of EDM services, contact our experts or request a quote today.


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