4 Reasons to Use Nomex® for Fabric-Reinforced Diaphragms

At Micro-Tronics, we believe in precision from start to finish and deliver top-quality parts built to our customers’ stringent specifications. One highly specialized and niche offering we provide is producing fabric-reinforced elastomer diaphragms. 

Fabric-reinforced diaphragms ensure the proper transfer of fluid or air. They are carefully designed and constructed barriers that separate one chamber from another in fluid or pneumatic systems (e.g., valves, pumps, meters, regulators, and other control devices).

Superior parts require premium materials, which is why we use Nomex® to build fabric-reinforced diaphragms for our customers in the aerospace industry.

Nomex® is a High-Performance Material for Top-Quality Parts

Are you new to Nomex®? Made by Dupont, Nomex® is a meta-aramid fiber highly suited for applications across the aerospace, automobile, military, and defense industries, as well as first-responder uniforms and protective gear. 

The proprietary chemical structure of Nomex® fibers delivers heat and flame protection, chemical resistance, electrical insulation, and incredible durability. Because Nomex® is a lightweight material that’s flame and corrosion resistant, it’s an ideal choice for our aerospace customers.

Let’s look closer at 4 reasons why you’ll want Nomex® for your fabric-reinforced diaphragms.

4 Reasons to use Nomex® for Fabric-Reinforced Diaphragms 

1. Versatility.

Nomex® is leveraged across industries to build coated industrial fabrics, aerospace fabrics, electrical insulation, hot-gas filter bags, protective clothing, and high-temperature hoses. Most of the diaphragms we make are used in pneumatic control valves in aerospace applications.

2. Heat and cold resistance.

Fabrics woven with Nomex® fibers have low flammability levels and don’t melt at high temperatures. While the material might look like nylon, nylon will melt at 489 degrees Fahrenheit—at which point Nomex® still has 60% of its original strength. Nomex® can tolerate temperatures up to an incredible 700 degrees Fahrenheit, and it can withstand extremely low temperatures, too. Nomex®’s heat and cold resistance are ideal for aerospace applications that must withstand extreme heat and cold.

3. Chemical resistance.

Parts made with Nomex® can stand up to most hydrocarbons and many other organic solvents. Nomex® also has acid resistant properties superior to those in woven nylon fabrics, and its fibers exhibit good resistance to alkalis at room temperature (though they do degrade at high temperatures).

4. Radiation resistance.

Nomex® can resist damage from X-rays and beta and gamma radiation much more successfully than a fabric like nylon. 

If you’re creating a highly engineered, top-of-the-line, premium fabric-reinforced diaphragm, Nomex® is the material you need. It’s highly durable and genuinely the best choice for applications requiring heat, chemical, radiation resistance, and high strength.  

Our team of experts can manufacture your high performance Nomex diaphragm. We deliver precision, high-quality parts on time and at a fair price. To get started making your fabric-reinforced diaphragms, request a quote today.

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