Get CNC Machining and EDM Services under One Roof

Have you ever needed a part that required both CNC machining and EDM services? 

Many shops with CNC machining capabilities lack EDM expertise. When they’re working on a part that requires EDM services, they often contact EDM specialists like us to get the job done, adding another link in their customer’s supply chain. Thus increasing the cost and lead times.

At Micro-Tronics, we’re proud to be a full service precision manufacturer that offers CNC machining and EDM services in-house. When you need both capabilities for your part, working with us allows you to consolidate your supply chain and get maximum value from a manufacturing partnership.

4 Benefits of Working with a Supplier Who Has CNC Machining and EDM Services under One Roof

1. Save time and money

CNC Machining and EDM

Vertical integration—combining multiple stages of the production process under one roof—saves valuable time and money. Consider these advantages:

  • You have one point of contact, at one shop, with one timeline 
  • You avoid paying double markup for services and overhead
  • You minimize transportation risks, which can delay lead times

2. Expedite specialty parts 

Engineers may hesitate to incorporate intricate features in their designs that need secondary operations like EDM. But we encourage you to exercise design freedom. With our diverse range of in-house services, we can bring your vision to life. 

Recently we worked on a specialty part that required milling, turning, small hole EDM, sinker EDM, and wire EDM manufacturing. By combining our in-house capabilities, we were able to deliver a top-quality part quickly and cost-effectively. 

3. Use hard materials

EDM is capable of cutting hard materials that standard CNC machining tools can’t easily cut, such as rhenium and rhenium alloys, Inconel, and hardened stainless steel grades. Many customers come to us for rhenium machining – our proven process and 50+ years of EDM experience are more than equipped to handle this notoriously dense and heavy material. 

EDM is also useful for cutting heat-treated materials that are common in the aerospace industry. When you work with us, we can mill or turn your part and then use EDM services to add features post-heat treating if necessary.

4. Master intricate features

Conventional machining processes aren’t always sufficient in achieving super tight tolerances and creating geometrically complex parts. 

EDM manufacturing can cut features like square corners, blind pockets, high-aspect ratio holes, and hex-head patterns with extreme precision. Wire EDM is also a great alternative to a solution like broaching that can be time and cost-prohibitive. Wire EDM services require minimal tooling (sometimes none at all) which keeps costs and lead times manageable. 

Not only can Micro-Tronics offer you CNC machining and EDM services, but our team can also provide sub-assembly and assembly services. Leveraging the principles of vertical integration positions us to be your full-service manufacturing shop. Request a quote to get started today. 

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